Mar 04, 2020

Effective Tools for Marketing of Non-Profit Organizations

Marketing is something that is required in any type of business. No matter whether you are running a charitable trust or a non-profit organization, it plays a key role everywhere. When it comes to marketing regarding non-profit organizations things have taken a turn towards the online platforms. 

Keeping the budget aspect and criteria in mind, let's have a look at the below mentioned key marketing tools in order to achieve a successful marketing strategy :

1. Awario - This is basically an analyzing tool. It helps in the process of monitoring any kind of keyword, phrase, or hashtag on a real-time basis. It is a great tool for the analysis of social media data.

2. Google Analytics - This tool is quite popular for tracking your website. It helps in understanding whether you see any results or not. 

3 Hotjar - Another popular option that helps in analyzing your website. Heatmaps are used for analyzing. 

4. Mailchimp - This tool is primarily used while dealing with emails. It helps in your efforts related to email marketing, creation of landing pages and eCommerce. 

5. Buffer - This tool is basically a management tool. It helps in scheduling social media posts and analyzes your social media strategy. 

6. Hubspot - This tool covers major aspects that include emails, social media, and websites. 

7. Later - If you are marketing on Instagram then this tool is great for helping in tracking your progress. 

8. Zapier - This tool is a combination of integration and automation. 

9. Tailwind - This tool is responsible for the scheduling of posts on Pinterest and Instagram.

10. Salesforce - This is a CRM software that focuses attention on marketing, sales, eCommerce and customer service. 

11. GetResponse - The name of this tool itself suggests its purpose. It is basically an email marketing tool. 

12. SocialPilot - This tool combines the benefits of analysis and scheduling of posts. 

13. Hootsuite - A popular option if you are looking out for creating content, scheduling of social media posts as well as monitoring. 

14. Eventbrite - This is a great tool for managing and tracking of your events. 

15. Crello - A tool that specializes in the creation of video-related content. 

16. Shuttershock - This tool operates like a storage box which comprises of images, videos, and music. 

17. Livechat - With this tool you can chat with your audiences on a real-time basis. 

18. YouTube Nonprofit Program - Another popular option for launching the organizing of nonprofit programs. 

19. Typito - This tool is great if your focus on creating more visual content. 

20. Google Ad Grants - This tool allows you to advertise on the Google platform for free. 

The above are popular marketing options for non-profit organizations. Depending upon the type of organization you can choose among the above lot.