Fight the COVID-19 Crisis by Implementing your B2B Software Marketing Playbook.

The coronavirus has spread through the entire world like a wildfire. Started in Wuhan it has now affected many people across the globe. It has led to the disruption of the whole nation. The pandemic has led to many changes in the environment that relates to the B2B software. 

Two major changes that have been noticed in the B2B market are the: a.) Increasing competition b.) Lack of buyer trust. This was said to be the situation before COVID-19 arrived. The coming weeks will be quite a challenge for B2B marketers. 

However, it is rightly said that no matter what happens but life must go on. The two ways to beat the crisis is to think actively and try to mend as the situation demands. In this hour, when buyers are in a state of the lockdown the most possible destination for buyers to visit is the online platform. 

One area that has gained popularity includes the G2 marketplace. G2 marketplace will be the next hub for software buyers in this hour of need. The following points need to keep in mind while dealing with this type of marketing strategy:

1. Self-discovery - You need to provide buyers with the opportunity to self-discover and conduct research. Keeping reminding yourself that is the content that you created up to the mark. One crucial that you need to note right now is the fact that you need to work towards making your profile up to the mark. 

2. Build Trust - The next step is to ensure that the reviews that are written are genuine and authentic. Make sure that the reviews that are included are not more than three months old. It is important to see that the reviews are fresh. 

3. The demand online - You need to make sure that the intent data that you feed in your retention tool, system ops, etc are planned well in advance. Setting up the intent data will enable inefficiently retargeting accounts that look out for your G2 profile. 

4. Content is the King - Make sure that reviewing content forms part of your sales pitch. 

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