A Few Effective Strategies for At-Home Networking.

The growing concern surrounding the coronavirus has hugely impacted the whole world. People have been grounded in their own houses for the safety of their health. The scare if the virus will surface uptil the next month. 
Let's have a look at some of the few points to keep you market ready while being at home : 
A. Connections - While at home start by identifying potential connections that you can tap while at home. 
B. Make Changes in your Brand - By changes it simply means to update your brand. Make some changes in the way your social media platforms say about your brand. 
C. Find new connections - In the meanwhile, while at home make sure that you define more possible connections in your desired field. 
D. Make connections - After defining which connections your will target the next step is to make those connections strong. Try to arrange a meet up after the crisis end in order to discuss further. 
E. Maintaining Connections - Once you establish the connection now is the time to maintain the connections. 
F. Be Prepared - Make sure that once the COVID-19 crisis end you become market ready 
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