The Role of Internet of Things in Digital Marketing

In the digital world, there is much hype that is created around the word 'Internet of Things'. The word is quite commonly used among digital marketers. 
Different people have different views regarding the word. Some consider it related to privacy while others consider it to be related to revolutionizing the jobs of digital marketers. 
Let's have a look at the three different ways in which IoT is going to affect digital marketing : 
  • Optimitised Experience  - There has been an all together optimisation when it comes to end to end customer experience. Marketers now seem to be in a much better situation regarding the way in which they interact with their customers. 
  • A better SEO - A shift can be seen in the way people search for their queries. Customers now prefer going for voice searches. Therefore another core area to focus on is related to voice searches.
  • The product usage data - Internet of Things will help in better understanding the data related to product usage. Marketers are now in a situation to gather data in a better way as compared to past times. 

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