Which Technologies are Useful When it comes to Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing has improved and evolved in recent years to a great extent. It has seen many new and improved changes in the due course of time.
Digital marketing today is increasingly led by the below mentioned four technologies. Let's have a look at each one of them : 
A. Acquisition of Data - Today there is data and data everywhere. People are exposed to data the moment they take their smartphones in their hand. Data targeting is said to be the next jig thing in digital marketing. 
B. Response to Mobile - The number of people that have a smartphone is way too high. Therefore, make sure that you focus on the aspect of Mobile Responsiveness. Also, mobiles have emerged to be the biggest contributor of traffic. 
C. Machine Learning - This area has also been affecting digital marketing. In the year 2019 itself, machine learning is seen to be having a huge impact on Digital marketing alone. 
D. Server Rendering - This aspect basically involves boosting your website. In addition, it also leads to easy loading of pages on old and earlier devices. 
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