Oct 01, 2018

Facebook to pay 1.25 Bn EU Fine due to Recent Data Breach

Facebook has seen a lot into controversies in recent months. Facebook have faced a fine of about 1.25 billion pound on account of the recent massive data breach. The hack has exposed about 50 million Facebook profiles alongside Instagram, Spotify and other connected platforms.

As per the GDPR, any company found in breach of the law is expected to be fined something around 17.7 million pound or 4% of the company's global annual turnover whichever tends to be higher.

There is one condition which will be considered and it includes that the fine will be exercised only if some of the 50 million accounts exposed by the hack are those of EU citizens.

It has been claimed that the flaw has been fixed and affected accounts are said to be reset. As of now the person responsible for the hack on Facebook's systems remains unknown.
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