Mar 24, 2020

How can Freelancers Use the Current Crisis into an Opportunity to find New Jobs.

The coronavirus pandemic is fast increasing. So what sort of opportunities does it leave behind for freelancers? The current situation is set to lead to a lot of layoffs in the market.  Hence, the current situation will pose a greater risk when it comes to freelancers. 

Many sorts of questions seem to arise regarding in the time of crisis how are freelancers going to work. Therefore, in such tough times, some ways to find work would mean an update of current skills and your social media profiles. Here's a list of few companies that are hiring in this time of economic crisis. 

1. VidMob - The company is currently looking out to hire creative directors, video editors, motion graphics designers, animators, and 3D modelers. 

2. Croud - The company is looking out to hire candidates for the post of digital marketing. Some required relevant skills include SEO, PPC, analytics, etc. 

Some of the other companies that are hiring candidates include TheSoul Publishing, AKQA, Grey, RPA, AnalogFolk, SalientMG, Blend Media, We Are Rosie and Assemble. Similar to these brands there are various others that are currently looking out to hire freelancers. So make sure you grab the opportunity and find a good opportunity to work with any of them. 

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