How can Freelancers Use the Current Crisis into an Opportunity to find New Jobs.
3 months ago |

The coronavirus pandemic is fast increasing. So what sort of opportunities does it leave behind for freelancers? The current situation is set to lead to a lot of layoffs in the market. Hence, the current situation will pose a greater risk when it comes to freelancers.

Growth Marketing Internship in SocialCops at New Delhi, IN
21 months ago |

At SocialCops, we believe that companies grow, products evolve, and organizational structures change. But one thing always remains – the brand. At the heart of every great company is a powerful brand that evokes trust, love, and respect from users and citizens alike. Our content, marketing and growth team is the guardian of our brand. The team takes our work and leverages it to build value for our users, clients, and stakeholders. At the same time, they educate people about our existence. After all, even great products with poor distribution fail. As a Growth Marketing Intern, you will design ads, write content, work on social media campaigns, and learn how to use analytics to optimize marketing conversion - this internship will give you an opportunity to learn all aspects of Growth Marketing.

Digital Marketing Internship at Interpret in Mumbai, IN
23 months ago |

Interpret Media, a leading consumer market research and consulting firm, is looking for Digital Marketing Interns for its office location in Mumbai, India.