Mar 15, 2020

New AI-Powered Sunglasses Launched by Google.

Google has introduced something of value and use. It has recently decided to launch its own AI-powered sunglasses which will be of help to the blind people. We people who have good eyesight sometimes don't realize the value of it.

We usually tend to take it for granted however it is only the blind people who know what they re going through. Eyesight is one of the biggest gifts by God give to mankind. There are many others who lose their vision either via accident or a calamity.

The glasses that are introduced by Google are named as Envision Glasses. In order to make these glasses, Google has partnered with Envision for the same. Envision is a Dutch startup company.

The glasses will be equipped with AI which will help in reading out loud the things which you place an eye on. It can also read texts that are presented in over 60 languages.

The pre-orders for the glasses have started from 9th March 2020. However, the price range for these glasses will be on the higher side

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