Google has introduced new shopping campaigns for AdWords, which utilize automation and machine learning to maximize conversion value. If an advertiser were to define their conversion value as “revenue,” for example, then AdWords will automatically optimize the shopping campaign to maximize revenue based on budget constraints.

Facebook has taken the lion's share of scrutiny from Congress and the media for its data-handling practices that allow savvy marketers and political agents to target specific audiences, but it's far from alone. YouTube, Google and Twitter also have giant platforms awash in more videos, posts and pages than any set of human eyes could ever check. Their methods of serving ads against this sea of content may come under the microscope next.

Google AdWords has introduced a new video format, called Outstream Video Ads, which is said to extend the reach of video campaigns beyond YouTube. It is built exclusively for mobile and will be displayed in mobile browsers and apps. Outstream video ads will play on a user’s screen automatically when they come into video. However, they will play with the sound off. Users can turn sound on by tapping the ad, and can also restart the video from the beginning if they wish.

There are pros and cons of using the GDN instead of employing a DSP (demand-side platform), and the best decision is often not obvious. If you're running Google AdWords (and face it, most marketers are), there may come a time when you need to move beyond search to display advertising.

Digital Marketing tip: If you'd like to apply this tactic to your account, you'll first need to find the average order value being reported in your Google Analytics account by navigating to Conversions E-commerce .

Review extension along with performance data will be deleted entirely in AdWords accounts in February 2018.Advertisers that ran Review extensions and want to keep their historical data will need to export it in AdWords this month.

Google has come under fire from the UK government for a practice which sees it make £200 every time someone clicks on an advert offering treatment for addictive diseases.

Google also says it will continue to give third-party search websites, like Bing, access Google'ss AdWords application programming interface. Google will stick to the now-expired agreement, according to a letter to the FTC and a blog post from Matthew Sucherman, deputy general counsel for Google LLC.

Find out how to start with the fundamentals of bidding by using numbers you can personally see, respond to, and adjust. The Perfect Settings for a Google AdWords Campaign

Though paid search has long since cemented its place as a pillar of digital marketing, changes in technology and consumer behavior have continued to reshape the PPC landscape and keep search marketers on their toes. In 2017, we saw the last of “standard” text ads in AdWords as expanded text ads for example.