All about the Google Ads and Commerce
6 days ago |

It is rightly said that Customer is the King. Therefore, you need to make sure that you put your customers before achieving your marketing objectives. In order to make sure that your customers are happy you need to make sure that their demands are fulfilled.

The Field Data vs Lab Data.

When it comes to explaining about how a user feels about the website experience field data is said to hold importance. It is considered to be a better indicator than lab data.

Google Brings in a New Feature in Order to Understand the Ad Performance Better.
17 days ago |

Google seems to have added a new option in order to understand regarding the ad performance in a better way. It has recently added a 'Quick Insights' option for tracking the ad performance and 'Keyword Themes'.

Steps to Follow for a Successful First Google Ads Remarketing Campaign.

Are you planning for your First Google Ads Remarketing Campaign.? Make sure that you consider working on the setup.

Google Meet Introduces New Voice Cancelation Feature.
25 days ago |

Google has brought in its new noise cancelation feature on its Google Meet platform. The new feature will be an instant hit among users.

The Benefits of Google Discovery Campaigns.

Google has recently announced the arrival of its new Discovery ads offering. This new feature made the headlines in the year 2019.

Effective Optimizations for Google My Business Optimizations in 2020.

Google My Business is one of the most popular tools by Google. There are various optimizations that are related to the same.

Google Launches Free Online Workshops.
32 days ago |

Many businesses has taken the current situation to their advantage and are seen offering different types of online courses. Google sees to be the next one to join the league. It has recently started organizing free online workshops. The event has been named as ‘Grow with Google OnAir’.

Google has brought a New Category Known as 'Retail Category' in Google Ads.
34 days ago |

Google has recently introduced a new category in its Google Ads section. The new category is known as 'Retail Category'. With the new addition, advertisers are now able to view a pre-defined product category in the search and shopping campaigns.