Dec 04, 2018

Google AdSense Takes Firm Stance Against Hate Speech

It is found that Google AdSense has taken firm stance against Hate speech. Google AdSense has released a video wherein it claims that there are a lot of content generators and curators who are rethinking the way they do business. This video showed a no tolerance approach towards speech that was basically deemed derogatory or hateful.

Publishers that placed their focus entirely on the content generated by the people will be heavily affected by this policy announcement. It is said that user generated content tends to take advantage of the "free speech" which implies that they can say whatever they want without any consequence.

People who publish on forums will have the tendency to say more likely what is on their mind. However, publishers need to be proactive regarding banning hate speech or else they might end up having that AdSense account suspended entirely.

In short, the anti hate speech policy claims -
"Content posted should not incite violence against anyone and also it cannot spew hateful rhetoric about groups of people. It is wrong to target anyone on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity or on any other grounds which might make the people end up getting oppressed."

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