Mar 04, 2020

What Role Google Import Play when it comes to Bing Ads?

If you are someone who is looking to do away with Google ads and try working on Microsoft advertising however you do not want to give up on Google too then let's discuss a way in order to achieve that. There is an option available in Microsoft Advertising that allows to shift your Google ad campaigns to Bing. 

The feature is known as 'Google Import' that basically works towards making copying your Google Ads account into Microsoft Advertising. This can be done either through file-sharing or signing into your Google Ads account. 

The limit for importing ranges from 5 million keywords and 4 million ads. What differs between these two options?? Let's take a note at the 4 key differences:

a. Language - Google ads are seen to support multiple targeting languages as compared to Bing ads. 

b. Location - It is important to understand that your Google Ads location targets must match with the targets as set in Bing ads. 

c. Tracking - For the purpose of tracking, it is required by you to mention the parameter 'utm_source' to Bing related to the campaigns that have been imported from Google. 

d. Targeting - It is now also possible to import expanded device targeting. Bing ads and Google Ads seem to be on the same road when it comes to adjusting bids and getting a well-improved ROI. 

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