Apr 04, 2019

Snapchat has Made Four Major Announcements at The Snap Partner Summit

Snapchat has made four major announcements which includes it's new Snap Games Platform, New AR camera features, New original content and also certain third-party app integrations App stories, Bitmoji kit, Creative kit and Ad kit.

With the launch of 'Landmarkers' users can have fun with Lenses at popular landmarks all around the world in Augmented Reality.

The other feature includes 'Scan' which is the update to its camera feature. With this users will be able to find GIFs based on real world objects powered by Giphy. Apart from this, it is also set to launch a new AR menu.

The other major announcement includes the launch of Snap Games. Bitmoji Party is said to be launching today. The five other titles arriving include Tiny Royale, Snake Squad, C.A.T.S drift race, Zombie Rescue Squad and Alphabear Hustle.

It is also set to bring in four new developers lots which includes App stories, Creative kit, Bitmoji kit and Ad kit.
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