5 Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes and How to Overcome them

Social Media Marketing is said to be one of the most powerful tools when it comes to marketing. Businesses have started realising the importance of social media when it comes to promoting their brand and interacting with consumers. However, there are 5 major mistakes which are usually made.

The following are the 5 major mistakes which are usually made and how can you overcome the same:

  1. Not Listening to your Audience: It is important that you listen to your audience. It is said that about 96% of people who discuss regarding brands online actually do not follow those brands. If you start utilising social media listening tools you can actually volume on the conversations which might provide opportunities for your business. These tools will also help you to research a market, highlight consumer demographics, gauge possible interest in new products and also enhance consumer satisfaction.

  2. Not having a Clear objective: Having a clear objective is crucial. It is important to understand what you to post on social media. For this purpose, you should consider going for social media advertising. This will help you to track engagements which is in turn crucial to set clear goals.

  3. Not Optimising for each Social Network: You need to optimise your marketing skills while posting on different social media networks. For this purpose, you need to think outside the box. This can be achieved by utilising the correct platforms through scheduling engaging, custom-tailored content.

  4. Stretching Yourself too Thin: One of the disadvantages of social media is the fact that you are too active. Therefore, it becomes essential to use analytics which can help to better appreciate which networks are paying dividends, and which seem to be stagnating. Also, with the help of social media tools you can drive meaningful engagement and at the same time yield tangible results.

  5. Not Offering Real Value: Sometimes it so happens that you push yourself however it does not seem to add real value. Apart from advertising your product, you should also mix it by sharing other relevant or share worthy content so that you seem to provide value. You should prepare such a content that humours, enlightens and gives pause. It should also evoke emotion, reaction at gut level.
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