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LinkedIn, has now decided to incorporate its Groups feature into its main mobile app for all platforms, saying “As one of our flagship products, LinkedIn is heavily invested in maintaining Groups and exploring ways to improve our member communities by fully merging Groups into the LinkedIn website and the main LinkedIn mobile iOS and Android apps."


YouTube has launched a new feature for its Android app which will allow users to shift into incognito mode to watch videos. This will help users watch videos without it affecting their watch history and recommendations. This feature is expected to expand to other platforms like desktop browser and iOS in the coming months.


YouTube is about to launch a new tool called the Copyright Match, which would notify its users if their videos have been copied and posted by someone else. This feature would initially be available to creators with more than 100,000 subscribers and will later be rolled out to other users. After a copied version of the video is found on YouTube, it will notify the user and the user can take any action from the 3 options provided: contact the person who made the copy, ask YouTube to delete the copy or take no action.


The launch of Google News Initiative Training Network in India aims to help digital media companies curb the spreading of false news through proper training of journalists. Recently, Google has decided to expand this initiative to YouTube and 20 other global markets. This will improve the news experience on YouTube and help news organizations develop video best practices to increase audience engagement and improve production facilities.


Facebook has announced that it has upgraded its security measures ahead of the general elections in Pakistan. The company has increased the number of safety and security people working on this area with the aim to prevent abuse of the platform and increase transparency. Facebook has been working with the Election Commission and training its employees to help promote civic engagement.


According to sources, in spite of warnings issued by the Ministry WhatsApp says it requires continued support from the Government and society. As per reports, WhatsApp is currently stuck in a dilemma for its payment services. Ministry of Electronics and IT have issued warnings to WhatsApp regarding the circulation of irresponsible messages to which WhatsApp has requested everyone for their support to address this misinformation.


Sony Pictures Entertainment, while attempting to post a trailer for its new limited-release movie Khali the Killer, apparently uploaded the entire movie by mistake. The video, a full-length feature film an hour and 30 minutes long, was up for several hours before being taken down. Some Reddit users shared the theory that it's actually a viral marketing effort for a film that isn't likely to attract much buzz otherwise.


LinkedIn is incorporating new features developed by its new owner Microsoft into its platform to help its 560 million users connect better with each other; and has recently added two new features – instant translation for content in a foreign language, and swappable QR codes to share contact details quickly between two users.


According to reports, YouTube has launched picture-in-picture service in the US for its Android users. This service will be free for the users and they don’t require any kind of premium subscription for the same. This news was earlier spotted by XDA Developers and later on was confirmed by the support page of Google.


According to recent news, Google is all set to tackle Facebook in India with its hyper-local social network. Google basically wants to bring together millions of Indians online no matter which social strata, language or type of device used. The hyper-local social network was launched in India this month by Google’s Next Billion Users Program. First launched in Mumbai the network will soon expand to other cities too.

Try out our Daily Quiz

Participate to win exciting prices worth ‎₹1000 every week