Choose the Right Social Media Platform for Your Business

In today's world its rare to find anyone not being on social media. However, when we talk regarding businesses, how is it possible to choose the right social media for your business. When we talk about startup business and SME's social media is said to be key in building a local network, growing brand awareness and also developing an all important engagement with potential customers.

There are businesses which sometimes do face trouble to get their social media campaigns off the ground. It is said that nine out of ten times the problem which businesses face is related to the plethora of choice which businesses face while they consider their social media strategy.

In order to choose the right social media network here is some information on what type of audience each Social Media Platform hosts:
  • Twitter: This platform is said to be great for brand development and is mostly used by young professionals. It is popular for breaking news, providing industry insights and at the same time sharing valuable resources.
  • Facebook: This is one platform which is said to be great for building relationships and growing networks of friends with similar interests. Currently it has around 2 billion active users ranging from all ages.
  • Pinterest: This is related to visual content and it has a rapidly growing membership of about 100 million followers. If you have a business which has a photogenic product then this is a great platform to be part of.
  • LinkedIn: It is a networking hub for professionals. This platform is great for recommendations and intros to businesses.
  • YouTube: As of now it is one of the biggest social media platform on offer. Businesses which have something to explain, demonstrate or teach should go for this platform.
  • Instagram: Majority of users on this platform are youngsters. If you have your business in retail, beauty,food or travel than this is the platform which you should go for.

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