How to Achieve an Impactful LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is now a popular professional networking site. Organisations have started to view profiles on LinkedIn with more depth. Therefore, it becomes crucial to have an appealing LinkedIn profile.

With millions of profile available on LinkedIn, it becomes essential that you stand out from the crowd. Following are 3 simple steps through which can be used to enhance your profile :

    You can work on creating a twist on your text by adding italics and bold to your text. This will help to focus on the key points which you want to enhance.

  2. 2. PICTURES
    Nowadays pictures have emerged to be new way to communicate apart from the usual text. Firstly, add a custom background. Pictures can also be added to the About and Experience sections.

  3. 3. VIDEO
    Last but not the least is the picture aspect. Adding a visual element to your might make people more interested in your profile. Focus on making your videos as short as possible but make sure that it's impactful.

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