Certain Tips to Get hired fast in 2019 with these LinkedIn-proposed skills

2019 is just around the corner. So it is that time of the year to make new changes and new resolutions. So if your planning for a new job or if your planning to change your existing one there are certain LinkedIn- proposed skills which will enable you to get hired fast in 2019. 

LinkedIn is said to be one of the most popular professional networking platform. It has recently released its '2018 US Emerging Jobs Report'.The said report highlights job which are currently in demand and also skills which are much-needed in the American professional industry. 

Some of the points in the report include:

1. Oral communication - This skill is essential since it allows individuals to express their ideas through speech.

2. People management - This represents the ability to connect with and understand others. 

3. Development tools - It implies the understanding of development tools such as Java, C++ and Linux.These tools are said to be a top requirement for the IT field. 

4. Social media - This field has gained a lot of importance in the coming years. Regarding all niches, it is essential to have knowledge regarding social media management and its measurement. 

5. Business Management - This skill shows how indivduals plan strategically and improve their business efficiently. 

6. Time Management - It is expected that managing and organizing time effectively and also multitasking will be an important trait and is also expected to be high in demand by the hiring team in the year 2019. 

7.Leadership - It is essential to have strong leadership skills who possess the ability to take his team longside each step.This in turn will ensure the success of any business.

8. Graphic Design - It is also important to have knowledge regarding various graphic design tools suh as Adobe Photoshop.

9. Data Science - This skill includes data analysis, forecasting, and preparing statistics for the relevant niche.

10.Web development - It is essential to have knowledge regarding web development, HTML, Javascript. This skill will be add on to your existing knowledge and skills. 
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