LinkedIn Talent Insights has been officially launched

LinkedIn was seen testing a new talent analytics solution known as LinkedIn Talent Insights last year. LinkedIn Talent Insights has now been officially launched. LinkedIn is filled with data related to career development and professional education.

LinkedIn Talent Insights includes two reports - Talent Pool and Company. Data from peer bench-marking and retention analysis to university recruiting seems to be included.

Talent Pool Report
The Talent Pool Report is said to highlight the latest hiring trends in a specific sector. The top cities with the most talent in this industry are highlighted by insights. The Report also shows the top and in-demand skills in a particular sector.

Company Report
Company report is said to reveal the existing talent at your company and also your competitors. The company Report will provide you unmatched data if in case you wish to track key trends and ensure your business follows the same.

Use Cases for businesses
The following are some of the cases for businesses in which you can implement the use of these reports:
  1. Sourcing Strategy: It can help you to source strategy including where the talent is from and where its going.
  2. Workforce Planning: You need to understand the labour market trends which includes skill growth, relative attrition rates and also the hiring demand.
  3. Competitive Intelligence: The report will help you to compare your company to peers in the industry.
  4. Employer Branding: The report can also help in understanding how different audiences seem to engage with the employer brand.
  5. Geo-location Decisions: The report you can also identify markets with high supplies of key talent.

The Competition
As far as the competition is concerned, LinkedIn is set to be in full control of the professional insights and data points. If any other platform who wants to keep up will most likely fail.

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