Aug 07, 2019

Popular Social Media Tactics Used By Top Financial Institutions

Day by day there is immense increase in the number of social media network users. Over the past year, the number of users have seen an increasing trend. When we talk about financial institutions,it is equally essential for them to have a strong social media presence.

Having an online presence can help them in enhancing their online traffic as well as conversions. Detailed below is a list of six financial institutions having a strong social media presence :

  1. 1. WELLS FARGO - This bank is said to have an incredible social media presence wherein it involves a mix of both videos and images. It also provides information on various events along with fun facts.

  2. 2. BANK OF AMERICA - Apart from being the second largest bank, they also have a unique social media presence. In order to make any social media account a success, there needs to be addition of motivational and humorous images.

  3. 3. PNC BANK - This bank has achieved new heights through its customer service. With their Twitter account, they have enabled customers to tweet their queries related to credit cards, mobile app etc.

  4. 4. CHASE - Their social media account campaigns includes popular athletes which includes basketball icon,tennis star, etc.

  5. 5. MORGAN STANLEY - This institution believes in educating their followers regarding finances through their social media accounts. They also provide financial advice on Twitter.

  6. 6. HSBC - The bank encourages users to comment on the videos posted by them and later on they tweet the videos in order to reach a large audience.