Top 5 Email Security Issues

Email too has its own security issues. The issues usually arise from factors such as email phishing to account takeovers. So here are certain email security issues which needs to be addressed in the year 2019:

  1. 1. User Behavior:
    It is said that the behavior of your user can either prevent a bad situation or might trigger one. In spite of users receiving training regarding email awareness they do not seem to particularly be effective in keeping them from clicking through on a phishing email.

  2. 2. Phishing Attempts make a Comeback:
    Targeted phishing attempts tend to make a comeback. Studying about the target and the target company , hackers can use public social media resources in order to learn who is who in the company.

  3. 3. Takeover Account Exploits:
    This seems to be an indirect channel to email security professionals but it requires awareness. When hackers use laptops  on public Wi-Fi they are than able to weaponize them against the organisation.

  4. IoT and Mobile Device Security Challenges:
    Email security professionals are required to understand the need of IoT and handheld devices. It is important to be aware regarding surveillance cameras and also Wi-Fi routers which are based on open source code and exploitation.

  5. Think Beyond Perimeter Security:
    You also need to think regarding the role of perimeter security. There are businesses who have spent significant time and money for building highly effective security perimeters which might contain the following like firewalls, intrusion detection systems, web application firewalls and email security gateways. These help to prevent hackers from trying to find their way through the perimeter.

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