Mar 28, 2019

Unilever to pick Trusted Publishers for Digital Advertising

Unilever, the second largest advertiser is seen tightening rules for publishers. The main aim behind this move is to reduce the click fraud and to boost consumer trust.

The click fraud are estimated to generate around more than $20 million per month in profit and further research suggests that bots can account for upto 90% of ad campaign clicks.

Unilever's three v's that is viewability, verification and value standards are said to be part of the vetting criteria for selection to the network. It adds that majority of its online advertising spend will be made through this protocol.

It was in the month of January 2019, that Unilever had made 'significant steps' for the purpose of building a cross media measurement model which is developed in partnership with Facebook, Google, Twitter, Kantar Media and Nielsen.