Nov 04, 2018

Social Media Sites which you should Consider for Improving your Brand Presence

In order to improve your brand presence there are certain social media site which needs to be considered. Social media marketers need to have a better brand presence when compared to social media sites. Their main aim is to improve their reach on these sites and at the same time increase the number of followers. 

Marketers use various social media sites for the purpose of advertisements and promotional strategies. It has now become a challenge for marketers to cater to all these platforms efficiently and effectively. The following is the list of social media sites which can be considered by marketers in order to improve their brand presence. 

1. Facebook - This site is at the top of the list. It currently has more than 2.2 billion active monthly users. It is quite famous for the purpose of sharing videos, photos, and posts. It can enable marketers to ease up their marketing process and at the same time improve their reach to the customers. 

2. YouTube - This is the second famous social media site having an active monthly users of around 1.9 billion. There are brand with theirown channels wherein they can use their video ads feature provided by YouTube. 

3. WhatsApp - WhatsApp currently has an active monthly users of about 1.5 billion people. It seems to be playing a crucial role in making connection between the bsuinesses and the customers. 

4. Messenger - It is a messsaging app with around 1.3 billion monthly active users. With this app,businesses are able to reach directly to the customers in order to advertise their products or services.

5. Instagram - Instagram has around 1 billion active monthly users. This site canbe used by markerters in order to share their live videos and at the same time connect with the audience. Brands seem to shift their focus on this apps since the number of users seem to increase day by day.