Jan 27, 2020

How Social Media can play a Vital Role for Travel and Lifestyle Brands.

Social media can be seen evolving over recent years. It now seems to play a key role, especially for marketers. It is therefore essential for marketers to stay ahead of the social media game by providing solutions to brand marketers. 

Social media is soon set to be providing a great opportunity especially for travel and lifestyle brands. Let's have a look at the following four social media opportunities that need to be tapped :

a. Traditional Marketing Channels - The two most popular channels that are considered by travel marketers are Facebook and Instagram. These tools are highly effective when it comes to targeting audiences.

b. Consistency is the Key - It is very important brands work towards making sure that the voice of the CEO is in sync with the values that the company imbibes. 

c. Learn to Tackle Social Media Feedback - Make sure to ensure that your social media team us well versed with the required skills and knows how to handle the various social media feedback. 

d. AI for customer service - Be sure to include AI for the purpose of customer service. It is always a good idea to include AI since there is said to be a rise in voice-based services. 
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