Aug 28, 2018

Google Go Search App can now Read Out Website Content

Google has announced certain new features for its Tez Payment Service, and Google Go search app at its annual India event in New Delhi. The new feature for Google Go search app uses Artificial Intelligence to read out the text on the website in 28 supported languages. This feature is especially designed for a diverse country like India where along with Hindi and English, people speak many other languages.

Last year when Google Go Search App was introduced for emerging markets, it was a data light app meaning that it required less cellular data for web searches. With the text to speech feature, the company plans to appeal to the non-English audience, which forms a majority of India. The new feature as described by the company makes reading website content like watching TV or listening to the radio. The AI will find the most relevant information for the searched query and read it out in each language to the user.

There are two advantages of this feature -
  1. This allows searching for information online while doing other activities such as reading or cooking.
  2. It is useful for people with less internet knowledge.

Google has introduced this feature after conducting extensive research in India where they found out, that people who were using the internet for the first time found it hard to access information. They wanted to make that experience less time consuming as now the user can just press play and listen to the information int their preferred language.  In the future, the company is looking to add similar features to other Google Apps.

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