Sep 30, 2018

How is IoT Transforming Digital Marketing

Internet of Things (IoT) is said to be a network of physical devices like laptop, smartphones, home appliances, vehicles etc. and seem to be connected with each other through the internet. Internet of things is said to be the future of technology and it is expected that around 22.5 billion Internet of things are currently in use.

How IoT is Transforming Digital Marketing
1. A Data Goldmine for Digital Marketers:
There is an estimation that by the year 2020, the amount of data generated every year through the IoT enabled devices will touch 1 trillion GB. Also there might be certain list of challenges for digital marketers like ingesting and analysing it.

2. Real Time Interaction with Customers:
With the help of data, digital marketers will be able to establish a real-time interaction with their customers. Also this will lead to boosting the sales of a given company substantially.

3. Changing Role of Digital Marketers:
With the help of Internet of Things, the fundamentals of marketing can be altered by simply cutting the role of a traditional marketer. Technology will be reached out to the customers instead of marketers with the help of IoT.

4. Taking Contextual Marketing to a Whole New Level:
With the help of Internet of Things data, digital marketers will be allowed to capture the consumer's behaviour, buying patterns, location and other analytics. With the introduction of Internet of Things, contextual marketing has got a whole new meaning.

5. Analyse customers Buying Cycle:
With the help of Internet of Things, you can gain deeper insights regarding where the customer is in the buying cycle in order to make contextual marketing even more effective.

6. Creating Personalised Campaigns:
Digital marketers are said to have the capability to deliver personalised messages and also other promotional content to customers both online and offline.

7. Exploit Social Media like Never Before:
Social media is said to be an excellent platform for the generation of leads. Internet of Things are said to optimise the use of social media.

8. Excellent Career Opportunities:
With the spread of Internet of Things across several core business sectors, a boom in employment opportunities is surely expected. It is also seen a lot of online jobs are also emerging in various spheres of digital marketing.

9. The Emergence of New Digital Devices and Platforms:
Internet of Things is said to be quite useful. More digital devices and platforms are likely to be created in future, in order to collect more data.

10. Ever Increasing Responsibility of Digital Marketers with Customers' Data:
When we talk about sensitive data, it comes with a great responsibility. When new technology gets developed, it tends to bolster authentication and also encryption techniques in order to prevent any data breach.

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