Sep 11, 2018

LinkedIn Launches New LinkedIn Groups Features

LinkedIn has launched a revamped version of the LinkedIn Groups Feature which will enhance user experience by providing various new tools. The new update will allow users to post videos, images to the group, reply to comments and edit posts and comments.

Now LinkedIn will also notify users about comments on one of their group posts. Group admins will get a notification when new users request to join a group and they will also have full group management capabilities on mobile as well. LinkedIn understands that groups are good way for professionals to connect with people in their industry and its new updates are an effort to increase people's engagement on groups. However, groups have always been platforms used for sending spam links and other useless material.

Some features which have been removed include group email blast. It allowed group admins to use groups as a proxy email list. New features like group navigation options on the home page, and the ability to engage in groups conversations within the main app feed will be introduced. 

The changes seem to provide a renewed focus to LinkedIn Groups. They are not full proof but they will definitely bring some positive changes to LinkedIn Groups and maybe increase their relevance again.

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