Dec 07, 2018

WhatsApp Executives to meet Government to discuss Message Trace-ability

WhatsApp executives are said to meet the government for the purpose of discussing trace-ability. The meeting is in regards to allow trace-ability of messages that trigger public unrest. The company seems to have resisted demands by the Indian government in order to enable trace-ability of messages to curb rumours.

WhatsApp director and associate general counsel Brian Hennessy had proposed this meeting. WhatsApp is quite straightforward that it will not break its encryption in order to allow tracing the origin of messages.

It was also seen that WhatsApp has been seeking government approval for the purpose of launching its payment business in the country. WhatsApp has been regularly engaging with the government of India for the purpose of discussing their commitment to maintain a private and safe platform so that people can communicate with one another.

WhatsApp has been claiming that its messages are end to end encrypted and therefore they would be unable to provide the content or the originator of private messages. If this needs to be done, than they would have to redesign their systems and also revise their privacy standards to track user data.

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