Oct 01, 2018

YouTube added New Features to its Capabilities

When we talk about YouTube Ads capabilities with respect to effective video storytelling it ranges from discovery to click. With the increase in the role of video today it provides a great opportunity to marketers in order to build connections that drive better business outcomes.

Help Viewers Take Action with Extensions
Your Ads will become more actionable with a greater variety of ad extensions. When we talk about ad extensions, similarly there also comes extensions on YouTube which enable the enhancement of your video ad along with additional useful information.

It is seen that brands like Vodafone, Chili's, 20th Century Fox, Headspace and Maybelline already seem to use extensions for the purpose of video ads in order to make their mobile ads more relevant and also drive the impact on the metrics that matters the most.

Measure the Full Impact of Your Video Campaign
When it comes to video storytelling it is not restricted to just driving the short-term campaign wins but also for driving measurable results at every stage of the consumer journey.

As per the feedback received, we will soon be able to set up Brand Lift Studies directly in Google Ads or Display & Video 360. We can also conveniently view reporting alongside the other ad metrics.

Also investments in Google Measurement Partners are getting ramped up in order to ensure that advertisers are able to measure Youtube media with the help of measurement solutions that meet rigorous verified standards.
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