Apr 19, 2021

Everything you need to know about YouTube Audio Ads

YouTube audio ads, a step to engage both music and podcast listeners, are characterized by a voiceover. These ads show up as music and podcast content.

During the testing phase, the audio ads were limited, to a certain number of brands in 2019. But after November 2020, these have remained open in the global beta. However, some brands are ineligible for running audio ads include - Healthcare and medicine, alcohol, gambling, and other sensitive topics.

For uploading audio ads, there are a few requirements and specifications to be followed. Let us see how these vulnerabilities will eventually affect the performance of the platform.

1. Ad length - Keep the ad length up to 15 seconds.

2. The File size - The file size should not exceed 128GB maximum.

3. Audio Ads Resolution should range anywhere from 426×240 (240p) up to 3840×2160 (2160p).

4. Aspect ratio -The desired aspect ratio is 16:9.

Audio ads are on the same level as video ads related to the targeting options and bidding strategies. Try to create audio ads, that are highly engaging as well as interesting.

Make sure to capture the attention of the user in those 15 seconds. Even though the image or the animation is present, the main focus should be on the audio. Try to keep a user-friendly tone and aim for adding 40 words to your audio clip.
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