Oct 20, 2018

How WhatsApp is set to change its User Experience

WhatsApp has recently come up with many updates. WhatsApp is working towards introducing new features which are intended to make our lives easier and at the same time also make it easier to access chats.

WhatsApp keeps on testing the new features on beta mode from time to time. The following are the nine WhatsApp features which are soon to reach out to the users:

1. Vacation or Silent Mode:
This feature is still said to be underworks. Vacation Mode is said to be based on Silent mode. With this feature, chats can be archived for as long as possible.

2. Expandable group participants list:
This feature is as of now available for Android users wherein users will be able to hide the entire list of members in the group and show 'More' text.

3.New chat stickers:
This feature is still said to be in the beta mode. WhatsApp seems to be working on this feature since a while now.

4. Linked Accounts:
This feature is useful since it can be used to recover passwords of other linked accounts in case if you tend to forget the password.

5. Swipe to reply (Android) :
This feature is said to be available for iOS however it is said to be in the beta mode for Android. With this feature, you can simply swipe right and reply.

6. Advertisements in WhatsApp Status:
Facebook is all set to bring advertisements to WhatsApp in the form of Status updates.

7. PiP Mode for Videos:
This feature is in the beta mode for Android however it is already available on the iOS platform. With this feature, users can continue to watch the videos while scrolling through the chats.

8. Possible Dark Mode:
The feature is not said to be in the beta mode. The actual rollout of this feature remains unknown.

9. Change in Message Recall Mode:
This update is still said to be in the testing phase. With this update, you can now delete the message within 13 hours.
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